Rehabilitation Services

Fairfield Memorial Hospital’s outpatient Rehabilitation Center is located in the Buchanan-McCants Rehabilitation Center. These are the programs offered in our Department:


Physical Therapy (PT):
This is the art and science of dealing with the prevention, correction, and alleviation of disease and injury. Some examples of PT interventions include gait training, muscular strengthening, range of motion, pain management, and improving balance deficits in a variety of settings in an attempt to optimize functional mobility. 
Swing Bed Program (Short-Term inpatient Rehab):
This program is a link between acute care, home, and community-based services in an attempt to return patients to their prior level of function. Some services provided are: skilled nursing, physical therapy, speech/language pathology, respiratory therapy, IV therapy, wound care, nutritional counseling, case management and patient/family education. If someone has had a knee or hip replacement, this is when the swing bed program would be beneficial.

Occupational Therapy:
This therapy involves training individuals with cognitive, emotional and physical impairments to be self-sufficient in functional activities required for daily living. Some examples include feeding, bathing, dressing, and making meals.

Speech/Language Pathology:
This includes study, diagnosis and treatment for defects and disorders of the voice, swallowing and spoken/written communications.


Our hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

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